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Massage Therapies

Release the stress...

You know the feeling of post-massage bliss – your tension and pain is gone, your spirit is soothed, and your mind is clear and sharp. Here at The Oaks, we believe in the powerful healing benefits of therapeutic massage and are committed to providing customized massage care that addresses each guest’s unique health and wellness needs.

Our highly trained massage therapists are skilled at using techniques designed to melt away stress and tension, boost circulation, promote relaxation, and release toxins from the body. We invite you to browse through our full menu of massage therapy services below.

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Deep Tissue Massage

A deep muscular massage that prevents muscular spasms from overexertion and intense exercise.

$60 | 30 min

$100 | 60 min

$150 | 90 min

$185 | 120 min

Deep Tissue

Together, you can experience all of the benefits of the healing Deep Tissue Massage.

$300 | 60 min

$400 | 90 min

$500 | 120 min

*Gratuity Added


A relaxing full body massage. Increases circulation, improves skin and muscle tone, soothes tired muscles, and reduces stress.

$50 | 30 min

$85 | 60 min

$130 | 90 min

$165 | 120 min

Hot Stone

Smooth, heated stones are used as an extension of the therapist's hands to provide a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

$75 | 30 min

$120 | 60 min

$150 | 90 min

$185 | 120 min


This massage focuses on releasing the lactic acid build-up after exercise by bringing blood to the muscle to increase oxygen to the tissue. It prevents muscle spasms and helps the body recover between sports or exercise.

$70 | 30 min

$130| 60 min

Hot Stone
Deep Tissue

A muscular massage combined with smooth, heated stones to provide healing and prevention of muscle spasms from overexertion and intense exercise.

$85 | 30 min

$135 | 60 min

$195 | 90 min

$250 | 120 min


Enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of the classic Swedish Massage - together.

$260 | 60 min

$350 | 90 min

$450 | 120 min

*Gratuity Added

Table Thai

Incorporates slow, deep, rhythmic massage movements, passive stretches, and pressure techniques that help to release tight muscles, restore movement and relax the mind and body. Creates a sense of balance and well-being.

$150 | 60 min

$215 | 90 min

Reflexology w/

Hot Stone

A massage and thermal treatment of pressure points on the feet that correspond with internal organs. Releases pain and stress while energizing the body.

$75 | 30 min

$130 | 60 min

Foot Reflexology w/ Massage

Warm, calming foot soak and lower leg/foot exfoliation scrub paired with a seaweed detox mud mask and parraffin wax. Followed by foot reflexology and lotion.

$180 |90 min




A massage for both prenatal and postnatal care. Improves circulation and relieves fatigue and fluid retention. A nourishing and relaxing therapy.

$110 | 60 min


Table Shiatsu


An Oriental acupressure massage along meridian lines and nerve paths. Releases energy blockages. Relieves fatigue, restores chi, and balances chi flow.

$140 | 60 min

$190 | 90 min


A gentle touch therapy that helps you release the negative thought patterns that cause stress and disease. Restores energy and integrates a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

$70 | 30 min

$120 | 60 min
$150 | 90 min


Aromatherapy oils (used for centuries) have been known to help calm the mind, relax our senses, and energize our bodies. Essential oils are extracted by three processes: distilled, cold-pressed and chemical extraction. At the Oaks, we use Cold-Pressed or Distilled aromatherapy oils because they are safer for the lungs and sinus. We also have rooms available without aromatherapy for those that are sensitive to odors.

*Included per Request*

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