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About Us

Welcome to The Oaks Rehabilitation & Relaxation Massage Clinic, an intimate personal care center committed to your health and well-being. Our healing massage therapies embrace the preventative knowledge of Ayurvedic, Oriental, Native American, and Western medicines.


We chose our name to honor the image of the ancient oak tree, which stands as a symbol of balance, strength, and love. Together, these are the essential ingredients for restoring a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Every spa service that we offer is rooted in these core values.


The Oaks Rehabilitation & Relaxation Massage Clinic was founded in 1984. For more than 30 years, we have been using massage as a tool to promote relaxation, release toxins from the body, and improve overall health. Massage is an ancient, medically-proven process to help the body heal itself and recover from illnesses and injuries. We recognize that every single body is unique and responds differently to massage, so we tailor every service to meet our guest’s health and wellness needs.

Meet The Team

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Kimberly is the Owner of The Oaks.  She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage.  Her specialties include Scar Tissue Release/Post Breast Surgery, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Cupping Therapy, Reflexology, and Reiki.  Her favorite industry trend is Holotropic Breathwork.  Kimberly’s hobbies include spending time with family, hiking, biking, kayaking, her two dogs, meditation, and breathwork.

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Annette attended and graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage.  She grew up in Chardon and lived in Florida for eighteen years.  Her massage specialties include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Chakra Clearing, Moxibustion, and Facials.  Her favorite industry trend includes energy work and its many benefits.  When she’s not working, Annette enjoys cooking, cleaning, painting, meditating, and spending time with her three children and Maddie (her fur-child).



Princess graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage in 2018. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Sports, and Therapeutic Massage. She enjoys spending time with her family in her spare time. 





Talina graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage in 2011.  Her massage specialties include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, and Cupping Therapy.  She loves the holistic approach that massage has in helping the body and mind.  In her free time, Talina enjoys spending time with her family, singing, songwriting, and playing softball.



I am very passionate about doing what I love, and that is to provide exceptional massages to all types of clients. Whether they want to be relaxed or they experience muscle discomfort, I will perform my skills on each individual client by customizing each individual massage. Although, I have many skills, I specialize and love to perform deep tissue massage! As a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, I become personal with my client’s by providing them with their needs of a great massage. I am well experienced and trained by great veteran therapist, and love what I do! I have two beautiful children, a great companion, a beautiful home, and we are blessed by the best. If you are looking for a therapist, who is genuine and still has a passion for people, I look forward to meeting with you, and providing you with what most clients say to me “the best massage I’ve ever had!”. 

Amanda is a Massage Practitioner who also has her Yoga certification through Yoga Alliance.  Her specialties include Swedish Massage, Facials, Reiki, and Chakra Clearing.  She enjoys holistic health, meditation, spirituality, and astrology.  In her spare time, she roller skates, hikes, paints, and sings, and spends time loving on her dog, Fiona!


Begin your healing journey...

We are thrilled to welcome you to The Oaks Rehabilitation & Relaxation Massage Clinic, where our dedicated staff and a network of allopathic practitioners, physicians, chiropractors, and acupuncturists cultivate a preventative and informed approach to health and well-being.

  • Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics

  • Shizuko Yamamoto: Kushi Institute Shiatsu Massage

  • Ayurvedic Institute: Shirodhara / Understanding Ayurveda

  • Licensed Ohio State Medical Board: LMT

  • Vodder Institute for Lymphatic Drainage: Level 1 and 2 & Cross Country Education

  • Upledger Institute for Craniosacral Therapy: Level 1 and 2, Pediatrics, Somatic emotional release

  • Paul St. Johns Neuromuscular: Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and difficult patient seminar

  • Dr. Robert Walker: Chirodontics

  • Ear Candling Theory and Research: Ann Tatum

  • Cupping/Negative Pressure Therapy: Kushi Institute and Michelle burns. Cross Country Education

  • MSTR (Manual Scar Tissue Release): Jeanne Massingill, LMT. NIH sanctioned studies with Case Western Reserve and Metro Hospital for post Mastectomy, Lumpectomy, Implant, and Breast Surgery patients.

  • Thai Massage: Kushi Institute

  • Reflexology: Kushi Institute

  • Hot Stone Massage: La Stone Therapy

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho: Sacral Wellness

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